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14 Dec 2004

Derry to Holywood 1/9/04


lá dem tsaol boladh cnó cócó uaidh
inniu - athrú ar achan ní

£8 to get to Belfast by bus! This was the start of one of the most teduious sections of the trip/project. The buses seemed to be ok up to now. Possibly because i'd hardly had to use them. I've given up now on staying awake for these kinds of trawls. The roads seemed full fo the same developements and we'd occcasionally snail our way into a town full of shops or Union Jacks.

Today, meanhwile was a change oif plan. The workshop had been cancelled Wednesday due to the venue being closed for the week. i decide to drop in on Holywood.

Sorry, folks. Don't hold your breaths. I'm out of time on the internet. Will speak more soon. Keep posting!