dedicated blogsite to Dave Wood's participatory poetry project in Northern Ireland. Started late August and finishing September 2004, it does a compare and contrast with previous visits 1988 - 1998. Also see

25 Dec 2004

I'm still in Stapleford (kickstarting the Ireland Poetry Project) 18/8/04

Hi Folks

I'm just about to embark on the tour - gathering information, opinion, doing creative writing workshops and getting ready to bring it back to England for publishing on line and as hard copy. There's readings already booked but I'm always happy to offer more. I'll be staying Derry, Omagh, Holywood, Armagh, Portstewart, Portadown, Portaferry and Attica (in the Mournes). I will hopefully be stopping for a Guinness or two on the way and a bag of Taytos of course!

I sent out the following press release about six weeks ago to and have been working like mad to raise the money and to get the project financially stable. I also want to make sure I can cover the marketing when I return.

It's been a mad rush trying to get things organised. I'm still waiting for people to get back to me about whether they can get enough people for a workshop. I realise now that I should have waited, but there's a stubbornness in me that really won't let go. Anyway, wish me luck. More soon.

You should also check out who'll be hosting my diary whilst over there.

All the best

Dave Wood

d a v e w o o d
( w o r d s m i t h e t c )

August 2004

Press release for immediate use

Free Creative Writing Sessions from Visiting Poet!

From 24th August 2004, for two weeks, Dave Wood, poet from Nottingham, England will be touring Ireland offering free creative writing sessions to groups, organisations and communities. Normally he would charge £85 for the two hour session. What he asks for is simple - for participants to get involved and for a roof over his head that evening.

Nottingham Poet Dave Wood is returning to Ireland after a long break. Previous visits were with touring interactive theatre co-operative, Word And Action over the years 1988 - 1998. This time he's on his own, ready to enjoy the culture, the writing and the zest of Ireland's shores! He's bringing some real bargains with him too.

He's offering free creative writing workshops to any group, organisation or community who's willing to put him up for the night. He assures us he is entirely well behaved and doesn't take much looking after. He says, 'for the project to be successful, I need people to chat with me about Ireland, their own community and, of course to share their writing with me.'

Whilst travelling, he'll be recording his passion for Ireland in his own style of poetry. He'll be returning to England with this as well as his re-worked creative work from previous visits. It won't take long launching them on his own website as well as on Whilst there, he'll also be keeping a written creative diary on award winning He'll also be reading the results to captive audiences in England.

He promises us, These creative sessions are entirely free. If you find it impossible to help with accommodation but would still like a workshop, do get in touch with me. You can contact him at (please send no attachments and make sure you put poetry project in the title bar)

Dave Wood was (Nottingham) Waterstone's writer in residence 2000 - 2002.

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