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23 Dec 2004


Desperate for a Saturday lie in. I've not had much contact from the press, but I haven't really had time to follow it at all. If anyone out there sees any postings (real or virtual), please let me know and save me a link or a photocopy.

Realised it wouldn't make sense to stay only one night at Attical. So I've moved things around a bit and now I'm in the Mournes for two nights on the second weekend and getting over to Cushendall for the first Friday when there's lots of music. Could do with a bit of stress release.

It does mean however I will spend only a fleeting visit to the Giant's Causeway. The last time I paid a visit, it was raining (February surprise) and I slipped gin over tonic in the mud. Not a pleasant surprise, but alleviated by a hot toddy on the Bushmills tour.

So today I've got a whole heap of stuff to do - sort out the final links and postings to, last minute shoppings, party later with some ex-students and at some point some ironing. Not sure what to do about the camera. Do I take my 35mm, whic takes up baggage space or grab several disposables or even treat myself to a digital. Decisions decisions. Speak soon.